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Lindley Park School serves approximately 450 students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.  We are located in Asheboro, NC.  School hours for students are 7:25 a.m. until 2:35 p.m.


Ethnicity Information


(% of population on 20th day)

Black 22.2
Asian 1.4
White 40.3
Hispanic 30.1
American Indian 0
2+ Races 5.8
Total Population 429



(% of Population)

Exceptional Children 8.0
AIG 6.3
Limited English Proficient 23.8
Total Free/Reduced Lunch 69.16

School History

Lindley Park Elementary School opened its doors on January 24, 1954. When the school opened mid year in 1954 students had to carry their books from Fayetteville Street School located at the corner of East Academy and South Fayetteville Street.

The school was originally designed for first through sixth grades with 20 classrooms, a cafeteria, library, auditorium and administrative offices. The school was paid for through a $975,000 school bond from the early 1950’s. Since that time there has been several renovations and additions: kindergarten classrooms, multipurpose room, computer lab, and additional classrooms.